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Agriculture production ?

What about the agricultural production?

For the agricultural sector, two guides have been developed by the non-profit organisations Vegaplan (for vegetable production) and Codiplan (for animal production), who also manage these : the sector guide Primary production (G-040) and the sector guide for the “contractors of agricultural and horticulture work” (G-033).

For crop production, the additional requirements demanded by the buyers are included in the Vegaplan Standard  “Primary crop production”, but also in other standards such as the GLOBALG.A.P, Flandria, etc. There is also a “Vegaplan Standard for the contractors of agricultural and horticultural work”.

For animal production, the “Codiplan PLUS” standards include additional requirements for cattle, pigs and rabbits. There are also other standards: Belplume (poultry), IKM (dairy), Certus (pigs), Belbeef (Beef cows), etc.
It is the buyer who defines which standards  the farmer must comply with to gain access to the market.