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Digital parcel registration

Vegaplan offers a free, digital parcel registration sheet for all Vegaplan-certified farmers.

This tool makes it possible to register the data that needs to be registered within the framework of certification for the Vegaplan Standard and to keep it within the Vegaplan database environment; it also facilitates sharing your crop records with your clients. This digital tool was designed in cooperation with INAGRO, the agricultural and horticultural research centre of the province of West Flanders, that provides information about the crop protection products approved per crop type via automatic communication between our databases.

For the farmers:

As soon as your certification body has entered your data in the Vegaplan database, you will receive a login and password by e-mail. From then on it is possible for you to enter your parcels and your crop records. It consists of the following information: production location, data with regard to sowing or planting, irrigation and harvest. You can also add one or more parcels and register data such as the crop history, fertilisation or the use of crop protection products.

When you have entered a parcel registration sheet, you can indicate the client(s) who may access thr records. Only you decide which clients you give access and when the sheets are ready to be consulted by the client.