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Equivalence with the G-033

8th april 2021, 

The FASFC recognizes the equivalence between the Vegaplan Standard contractors (version 2.1. of 05.03.2021) and the Sector Guide G-033 for contractors – version 3.1 of 05.03.2021), given that the Sector Guide requirements have been fully integrated in the Vegaplan Standard. 

A separate certificate for the Sector Guide – for which the Certification Body is occasionally required to create an additional invoice - is therefore no longer required.

Specifically: if all activities involving crop production that take place on the farm are covered by the certificate for the Vegaplan Standard the farmer will enjoy: 

  • a reduced FASFC inspection frequency

This only applies if there are no other activities or if the other operations are given a favorable audit by a Certification Body, based on an approved sector guide or by the FAVV.

The contractor may, however, still opt for the Sector Guide without the Vegaplan Standard if he so wishes. 

The Vegaplan Standard checklist includes the requirements of both specifications, but distinction between both is clearly visible in same document.

The comparative table of the two specifications is available in Dutch and French and can be found on the Vegaplan Website, under the heading Vegaplan Standard - equivalence with Sector Guide G-033 

Announcement of FASFC and Vegaplan