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Qualität & Sicherheit


The QS inspection system for foodstuffs determines strict criteria that evolve for all the links of the chain, from production through to distribution. The system applies for meat, meat products, fruit, vegetables, potatoes and arable crops.

Over 130,000 companies from the animal feed, agriculture and horticulture, abattoir, wholesale and retail sectors are affiliated.

Joint venture in the vegetable sector

Thanks to the contract, both the Vegaplan Standard for Vegetable Production and the residue monitoring systems of the Verbond van Belgische Tuinbouwcoöperaties (VBT) and the Organization of the Belgian potato trade and processing industry (Belgapom) are considered equivalent to the QS system at farm level. In this way, Belgian growers do not have to carry out additional analyses at their company to be able to deliver within the German QS system. So from now on, the conditions for delivering to Germany are a valid Vegaplan certificate and sampling at Belgapom / VBT level.

This makes it easier for Belgian and German growers to export their potatoes, fruit and vegetables to Germany and Belgium respectively.

Joint venture in the animal sector

he joint venture in the animal sector offers Belgian pig farmers an interesting new market. The technical comparison of the specifications that were drawn up in cooperation with Filière Porcine Wallonne asbl has shown far-reaching similarities between the sector guide for primary animal production and the QS specifications. This illustrates the importance of the animal sector guide as the foundation for the comparison with private specifications. Thus CodiplanPLUS consists for 95% of the animal sector guide and for 5% of additional conditions.

CodiplanPLUS applies to fattening pigs, sows and piglets and comprises the general and pig section of animal Sector guide G-037, in addition to a number of inspection points that are checked using an extra checklist. This extra checklist has a total of 12 inspection points including the use of painkillers during the castration of piglets.

Interested pig farmers can contact Codiplan vzw if they wish to participate in CodiplanPLUS An audit will be carried out to determine whether the Self-Inspection Guide G-037 for animal production (general part and specific section on pigs) and the additional CodiplanPLUS checklist have been complied with. If so, the animals can be sold from Belgium to QS processors without an additional QS audit being required. Since 2004 Codiplan’s new approach, the so-called CodiplanPLUS also supplements the existing recognition of Certus by QS that relates solely to pork.

The new version of the Certus specifications will include the CodiplanPLUS points which will also be imposed as conditions on sow companies that want to deliver piglets to Certus fattening companies.