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Vegaplan and Codiplan offer several quality schemes for primary production

The Sectorial Guides

A Sectorial Guide is a document which compiles the concrete legal provisions with respect to food safety and traceability for a sector of the food chain; the sectorial guides are recommended by the Belgian authorities. A certificate relating to the Sectorial Guide constitutes proof for FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain) that the farmer/farm contractor meets the legal obligations relating to autocontrol, obligatory notification and traceability.

1. G-040 (Sectorial Guide, Primary Production)

This guide prepares the sectorial guide for primary plant production, that for primary animal production and a module relating to non-edible production. This unified guide allows the great majority of farmers, whether involved in mixed or specialised production, to find all the conditions which apply to their operations and their activities.

This guide contains the conditions applicable to primary production as regards traceability and food safety (including protection of human, animal and plant health). This guide is based on self-assessment. For the farmer, this in-house inspection consists in verifying whether or not his operations satisfy the legal instructions based on the Sectorial Guide.

2. G-033 (Sectorial Guide for agricultural contractors)

This Guide describes the activities relating to all the crops (except hops) which can be carried out by a contractor: receiving, storing and using raw materials, producing and harvesting primary plant products and secondary transport.

3. G-034 (Sectorial Guide to Sale of Products at the Farm)

This guide is intended for producers who process milk and sell dairy products within their farm business. The guide applies to processing of the milk of cows, goats and mares, …

Private schemes

The private schemes offered by Codiplan and Vegaplan comprise, in addition to the legal obligations, requirements not stipulated by law which are requested by the buyers. The certificate guaranties quality to the buyers and access to the market for producers.

1. Vegaplan Plant Production Standard

The Vegaplan Plant Production Standard comprises all the legal requirements relating to food safety as well as additional requirements relating to safety of the products, traceability and the quality of the products which the food chain must satisfy. The Standard also includes the requirements relating to sustainability and contains the legal requirements with respect to Integrated Pest Management.

The Vegaplan Standard is applicable to all crops (except horticultural and decorative, non-edible production).

The FASFC recognizes the equivalence between the Vegaplan Standard en the Sector Guide G-040 (module A and B). 

2. Vegaplan Standard for agricultural contractors

Due to the major influence exercised by the sector of agricultural contractors as suppliers of services on primary plant production, a parallel system to guaranty quality, traceability and food safety has been developed. In addition, the two systems (plant production and agricultural contractors) are perfectly complementary.

The Vegaplan Standard for agricultural contractors is based on the Vegaplan Plant Production Standard. It includes the requirements of the Vegaplan Standard of farmers relating to activities which can also be carried out by agricultural contractors.

The FASFC recognizes the equivalence between the Vegaplan Standard en the Sector Guide G-033. 

3. CodiplanPLUS Pigs

CodiplanPLUS Pigs fit within the framework of the agreement on interchangeability with the German QS standard which allows delivery of animals under both quality standards without any supplemental inspections.

CodiplanPLUS Pigs applies to pig farmers who wish to market their animals on the German market certified by QS (Qualität und Sicherheit). It should be used exclusively as a supplement to the G-040 Sectorial Guide to autocontrol for primary animal production. For sow farms that supply piglets to Certus certified pig fattening farms, CodiplanPlus is posed as a condition by Certus.

4. CodiplanPLUS Beef

CodiplanPLUS Beef fits within the Generic Normative document Beef (GNB). It was established on the basis of a comparison between the Sectorial guide and the various normative documents there were for beef production. Only the elements common to the various normative documents have been taken up in the CodiplanPLUS Beef. It is used exclusively as a supplement to the G-040 Sectorial Guide of autocontrol module C for primary animal production. It is directed at beef farms which seek to guaranty their possibilities of outlets in distribution and butchers.