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Sectoral Residu Monitoring System

The sectoral Residu Monitoring system of Vegaplan is set up to seek the approval of the Belgian residu monitoring in the context of auto control by several quality systems. Operators no longer need to take part in residu monitoring systems foreseen by those quality systems.

By introducing self-checking in all links of the food chain in Belgium; nowadays all parameters of food safety as for example residues of plant protection products are checked based on self-checking by the operators. For the sectors fruit and vegetables (fresh produce), potatoes and processing vegetables the auto control system foresees residue monitoring at the level of the first buyer. The requirements are included in the Guide Auto control, Potatoes - Fruit - Vegetables, Processing Industry and Trade (G-014), which is developed by representatives of the sector and approved by the Federal Agency for Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC)..

The sectoral residu monitoring system of Vegaplan is based on this principle of auto control. It was developed by a working party consisting of members from the sectors potatoes, fruit and vegetables. The system is open to operators from the sectors trade and processing industry, including auction markets, which are trading or processing IVQM certified vegetable products.

The system is applicable in the framework of the exchangeability ICQM-QS.


Vegaplan coordinates the sectoral residu monitoring system. The actual residu monitoring is done by the participating sectors and operators.

The Sectoral Guide foresees two possibilities related to residue monitoring for operators: either participation in a sectoral residue monitoring scheme or developing its own company residue monitoring scheme.Specifically for the ICQM-QS exchangeability; the sectoral residu monitoring schemes of Belgapom, VBT and QS are accepted.

The operator is requested to provide all anonymous results of the residue monitoring quarterly to the sector organization or to Vegaplan.be. Vegaplan.be and the sector organizations guarantee completely anonymous use and confidentiality of all submitted data.

When observing non-conformances, the operator informs Vegaplan.be immediately and appropriate corrective actions have to be taken. The operator is responsible for applying these measures at producer level. A non-conformance concerns exceeding the MRL or detection of unauthorized substances.


Target groups are the operators from the sector trade and processing industry (including auction-market).

1. Registration

Prerequisite for participation is the possession of a valid/certified residue monitoring system according to Guide G-014 and a signed agreement with Vegaplan . After the request is approved by Vegplan, the company is listed as a participant on the website of Vegaplan ( list of participating companies ) and the document to be used to collect results of analysis is sent to the company.

2. Initial phase

If the operator wants to the deliver to the German quality system QS; he provides Vegaplan a list with all ICQM farmers of which products can be delivered to QS.
The operator also has to meet the following requirements:

  • Agreement with lab about sending monthly overviews to Vegaplan (including number of samples and MRL exceedings per product).
  • Agreement with lab and/or sector organization about communication of results of analysis to Vegaplan (quarterly and in the format sent by Vegaplan).
  • Exectuting the sectoral of QS monitoring scheme for the products and producers involved.

3. Residu monitoring

The residu monitoring system includes following the relevant monitoring scheme (sectoral or QS) and providing the data as detailed above to Vegaplan. Apart from that, the operator also has the following responsabilities:

  • To verify all results for use of unauthorized substances. In case of unauthorized substances wit residue level > 0.014 ppm; Vegplan has to be informed immediately.
  • To verify all results for MRL exceedings. In case of exceeding; inform Vegaplan.
  • Take appropriate corrective actions with the producer.
  • Appropriate re-sampling and analysis by which a conform results leads to re-establishment in the QS database.

All anonymous results are discussed by the Working Party Residu Monitoring of Vegaplan.