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On 4 October 2006, Codiplan was founded by the three Belgian agricultural organisations Boerenbond, Algemeen Boerensyndicaat and Féderation Wallone de l'Agriculture
Its object is to manage the sector guide for primary production.
Managing the sector guide for primary production comprises the following tasks:

  • Coordinating all the provisions with representatives of the sectors and question and the FASFC.
  • Informing all the parties involved when new versions of the sector guide are published.
  • Communicating all the information required via the standard ways.
  • Assisting the auditors to achieve a uniform and harmonised audit practice.
  • Coordinating the various courses for the grassroots in accordance with the principle of ‘train the trainers' with an eye to correct application of the sector guide.
  • Managing a database of the companies that apply the sector guide and their respective certification status.

Codiplan primarily focuses on agricultural companies that wish to obtain a self-inspection certificate.
In addition, Codiplan concentrates on all the customers of the primary sector that accept the self-inspection system in their agreements with their suppliers.
Thanks to the research carried out into the exchangeability of the self-inspection sector guide with foreign standards, certified companies will now also find it easier to work in a broader European context.